Saturday, June 14, 2008

Born to Greatness

Dear Son,
Your father and I were talking tonight about the small fortune we have spent on you this year. There has been much done to correct some educational lagging and also to give you great experiences. I was wondering if we should curtail some of our cash outflow with the concern that you might grow to think you have an entitlement to things considered by some to be "extras". After a lengthy and animated discussion I realized a few things; first, you have no idea how much we spend on various activities in which you take part and second, I would spend all I have to give you every opportunity in life.

I am growing up as a parent. (I'll bet you thought I was all grown-up.) I am comprehending now that you are really growing up too. I see you for the first time as the individual you truly are. Until this time, you were a child who needed to be parented. Now I am excited to see that you have interests. Mature interests. I feel excitement that you truly will choose a path of your very own. It is with this new found emotion that I conscientiously commit to encourage you in everything worthwhile that you wish to undertake.
I have been unsure as to how grand I should make my support. I realize now that because your father and I can give you great opportunity, you have an even greater chance to become great. I don't mean being the President of the United States or an studio executive. I mean a good, kind man who influences all he meets. I hope and pray that through your young life I will be able to offer you opportunity that will give you a unique and deep perspective on the world. I pray that you will learn empathy and hope, kindness and faith and also a powerful humility. I am grateful to know that God sent you here to do something in this world and I am equally grateful to know that I can help you discover your path to that end. It is my sincerest wish that you grow to achieve the greatness within you.

All my love,